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'Mysterious Motive': Cover-Up of Boston Attack's 'Why' Begins

Be sure that soon, there will also be a frantic attempt at the “blame ourselves” theme. If the issue wasn’t such a tragic one, this would be humorous. Could America have acted more kindly toward these two brothers? Nevertheless, do not underestimate how well this theme will play with citizens who drink similar flavors of Kool-Aid.

In this pursuit of obfuscation, no idiocy is unthinkable. Canadian Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau, attempting to be an Obama clone, explained:

There is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war … with society.

His solution, then:

[Do not] marginalize people even further who already feel like they are enemies of society rather than people who have hope for the future.

In other words, doing anything is more dangerous than doing nothing. To combat radical Islam is to hurt people’s feelings, and that will produce more terrorism.

The brotherly duo -- and their family -- was treated extraordinarily well by the country they betrayed. They were allowed in, rather questionably, as permanent residents, and suddenly large numbers of relatives were in the United States as well (so much for our supposed draconian immigration laws). One of the brothers even became a citizen.

They went to the best schools. What did they learn there about the greatness of America? Was the seed of rage fertilized by U.S. education's tendency to demonize American history as evil, greedy, racist, and imperialist?

One of them even got a scholarship.

It is vital to understand the profound difference between these two and the September 11 hijackers, men who came on a mission of sabotage and murder. They reached the U.S. shore as enemies, reliable agents of revolutionary retribution. These two young men, however, had a free choice. They had to actively close their minds to everything good they experienced and to adopt an ideology of hate. Only a very powerful force could move them in that direction.

We have seen this frequently in the United Kingdom and France.

Guess what? If comparisons are to be made to the 9/11 terrorists, it would have to be acknowledged that there is a second-generation (though, strictly speaking, these two are first generation) time bomb implanted with these two brothers -- implying that we can expect many more attacks like this.

But will anyone add on that point?

The brothers' otherwise normal activities will be used to make them seem … normal, their motive inexplicable. But on the contrary: it is their apparent normality, their seeming assimilation into American life, which makes the situation so scary.

Of course, a key argument is that Islam has nothing to do with this, and that Islamism isn't directly behind it. A new theme that is being used by a lot of obfuscators: Muslims view "Islamic" terrorists the same way Christians view the Westboro Baptist Church.

Here is a positive evaluation of that quote which explains that the idea there is much support among Muslims for terrorism comes merely "from the Vast Right Wing Echo Chamber" -- then, the author changes the argument to say the claim is that the Boston terrorists "are representative of all Muslims everywhere. It's a ridiculous double standard." In other words, the terrorists in Boston and everywhere else don't represent much of anything but themselves.

As I recall, the Westboro Baptist Church doesn't govern ten countries.