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Why Chuck Hagel Is Really So Scary: He's Typical of the Current Rulers

I have a theory. As everyone knows, Hagel is a “Republican.” Perhaps Obama was conspiring to make Hagel secretary of defense, have him show how dumb and incompetent he was, and then lead the public to conclude that all Republicans are dumb and incompetent. Brilliant as always! Want proof? How about Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, arguably the dumbest -- I didn’t say worst, but just dumbest -- member of Obama’s cabinet. And a -- wait for it -- Republican. Seriously, though. Can you imagine the kind of mentality that would put the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and the national security of the country in the hands of a man like Hagel? Extra credit question: How many readers of this article will reply: "Oh yeah? Well, can you imagine the kind of mentality that would re-elect [guess who] as president?" I didn't say that; you did. And speaking of dumb, or perhaps I should say dishonest, Al Gore misrepresented the highly profitable sale of his television network to anti-American, Islamist al-Jazeera by saying that Qatar, which owns al-Jazeera, was the most pro-American country in the Arab world, and that's where the U.S. fleet in the Gulf was based. Of course, the fleet is based in Bahrain, not Qatar. Qatar has been pro-Iran, pro-Islamist, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood, the most hostile against the United States of the Gulf Arab monarchies. Gore, of course, was vice-president and almost president. (He might have been thinking of the U.S. air base and Central Command headquarters in Qatar, but the anti-American factor in Qatar's policy is nonetheless true.) Meanwhile, we have a man who has created a policy of helping empower the Muslim Brotherhood in order supposedly to moderate it and to stop even worse Islamists (who are actually quite disorganized, bickering among themselves, and incapable of taking power) from taking power. There is a deep malady of ignorance and very bad ideas in the American foreign policy leadership, and it has lost the correction mechanisms of criticism from the mass media and academia. Hagel is really rather typical of this group, he is just not adept at pretending otherwise.