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White House Confronting--Sort of--Egyptian President's Frothing Hatred of Jews Reveals Its Deeper Policy Thinking

To sum up, the U.S. government will provide arms, money, and diplomatic support to a regime whose ruling forces openly evince hysterical anti-Semitism and call for genocide against its neighbor ... based on the belief that they don't really mean it.

Perhaps one day somebody in the American mass media will publish some of the things Muslim Brotherhood leaders say in Arabic about the United States, including explicit support for anti-American terrorism.

No doubt Carney could explain that away as well.


Check out Samuel Tadros's excellent analysis of Muslim Brotherhood strategy here, and Eric Trager's excellent lecture on the Brotherhood's structure. The New York Times also ran an op-ed from Ayaan Hirsi Ali about how many or most Middle East Muslims are raised with the kind of beliefs Morsi evinces.