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Murdered Diplomacy: How the Israel-Palestinian Conflict Has Been Transformed

Much of the media, "experts," and Western politicians will no doubt blame Israel -- and especially the Netanyahu government -- for the absence of a diplomatic miracle. Though in fact, Israel's stances have now been rendered irrelevant in this regard.

During the next four years there will not be any serious Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations, and it won't be Israel's fault.

In real terms, whatever they say publicly, the U.S. and European governments seem to have recognized this fact; President Barack Obama clearly understands it, too. What they fail to understand is their own responsibility for this outcome.

This is a very important point to understand.

The ridiculousness of claims by believers in “linkage” -- that the Arab-Israeli or Israeli-Palestinian conflicts are the core issue in the region -- are increasingly obvious. With revolutions and civil wars everywhere, Islamists fighting nationalists and democrats, and Sunnis fighting Shias, the conflicts involving Israel are clearly secondary at most.

Thus, telling the Palestinians that they now have a state is a way of escaping this dilemma.

You’ve got what you want, goes the message, so go away and leave us alone to deal with the important stuff. In short, this step kills the peace process, but those who did it no longer care. And it is one more case where -- despite damage done to Israel -- Palestinian leaders rejoice over a “victory” which ensures they are worse off than before.

We also argued that this step would lead to constant Palestinian lawsuits in the world court against Israel as aggressing against another state, and would make the Palestinian side intoxicated with the belief that it could do whatever it wanted to do; now comes an official statement from PA leader Mahmoud Abbas to that effect. From his regime’s official news agency comes the following:


President Mahmoud Abbas issued directives to the PA foreign ministry to circulate to the Palestinian embassies worldwide directives according to which they should use the 'state of Palestine’ instead of the ‘Palestinian National Authority’ in compliance with the UNGA [General Assembly] resolution on upgrading the status of the state of Palestine to a non-member observer state, and to seek recognition of the statehood from states that have not yet done that.