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One Thousand and One Articles Later: Why Obama Should be Voted Out of Office Today

How would you feel about such a person and his effect on the world? Recently several readers have written me that they will be voting for Obama because they believe that he has learned his lesson, is a true friend of Israel, and hasn't done harm because he had no control over events. I can understand how people might say such things, but certainly not after they've read what I've written about these matters.

And now the day has come to make a choice.

There are many reasons why I'm thoroughly disgusted with all the phony Obama-loves-Israel or Obama-has-done-a-good-job-on-foreign-policy nonsense, and the foolish things many American Jews and many Americans say about him on this topic. But let me reduce all of these points to one central -- and indisputable by anyone who is being honest -- issue:

Obama has helped put into power in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood, the world's leading anti-American, anti-Semitic movement; has backed its coming to power in Syria (though he backed the equally anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Bashar al-Assad dictatorship before the revolt); and has helped maintain in power another Brotherhood branch by pressing Israel to reduce sanctions and opposing Israel's self-defense against it in the Gaza Strip. This group openly embraces genocide against Israel and Jews generally.

Obama has also backed a Turkish regime that loathes Israel, employs anti-Semitism, supports Hamas and Hizballah, and wants to kick U.S. influence out of the region. The leader of that regime is, according to Obama, his hero. The Obama administration has not lifted a finger to press Turkey toward rebuilding relations with Israel. On the contrary, it has rewarded a Turkish regime that is doing the opposite. Only on the issue of continued aid and intelligence cooperation with Israel has Obama kept up the traditional relationship.

Obama has fought al-Qaeda, but he has helped or at least not actively opposed other revolutionary Islamist movements. As a result of Obama's policies, even more extremist Salafist movements have been unleashed in several countries. The Muslim Brotherhood is quite tolerant of these terrorist forces and uses them as part of its overall strategy.

How can one lionize an American president who has given major backing to and has been an apologist for such a movement?

One can talk about Iran, the Jerusalem issue, and lots of other things. But whitewashing and helping five regimes or movements that openly and daily call for wiping Israel off the map, slander Jews, and call for their mass murder qualifies as sufficient in my book to laugh at any assertion that such a president is "good" for Israel.

And whitewashing and helping five regimes or movements that call for hating America, murdering its citizens, destroying its interests, and even -- albeit more fancifully -- destroying the United States qualifies as sufficient in my book to laugh at any assertion that such a president is "good" for America.

Obama's policies have placed the lives of Americans and Israelis in jeopardy, as well as the citizens of many other countries, and made war more likely. For the first time in many decades, Israel cannot depend on the U.S. government. Neither can a dozen Arabic-speaking states that have relied on U.S. support. Neither can Middle Eastern pro-democracy advocates, moderates, secularists, women, and Christians. Neither can Americans.

Something should be done about that. And today is the day to do it.