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What the Democratic Party Platform Really Tells Us About Obama and Israel

As for defending the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, while Obama did make some gesture to help secure an Egyptian pull-back last month, to portray him as helping to preserve that document is a joke.

Finally, past Democratic platforms have clearly taken Israel's side, making it clear that they viewed Israel as the party sincerely trying to resolve the dispute and the other side as obstructing a solution. Despite some of its language, this platform is basically neutral. Yes, it highlights burdens on the Palestinians rather than on Israel, but it gives no hint as to why there has been no progress toward peace. This may be more understandable in a U.S. government document and Obama is in fact the president, but this is the party platform. Historically, the Democratic Party -- pressed by members of Congress -- wanted to show that it was on Israel's side. Who better than Bill Clinton, even though he doesn't tell the truth about it today, who saw in the 1990s how the Palestinian side sabotaged peace and the Arab states didn't help?

Yet this is a party dominated by a top-down group far more to the left, less friendly to Israel, run more by the Progressive Caucus types in Congress, and using "experts" who are often openly hostile to Israel. They put in the boilerplate to keep the suckers -- and party moderates -- happy, but also subtly signal that they don't mean it.

I will analyze the platform’s broader view of the region in another article, but again note that except for a vague promise of support for the Persian Gulf Arab states to defend themselves, the platform sees no other “alliances” or “partnerships” other than Israel. This section is thus just to titillate Jewish and pro-Israel voters. If they read it closely it would have the opposite effect.