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Needed: A Marxist-Style Analysis to Understand and Combat the Extreme Left's Hegemony

-- Communist regimes failed miserably.

-- Minority groups and women improved their status often -- in contrast to Marx's conception -- with massive support from the society as a whole. Dramatic changes took place in relatively short periods. When Michelle Obama said she was ashamed of her country, she blotted out everything from the Civil War to federal support for the civil rights movement to huge changes of attitudes on the part of Americans. Note that an aim of the post-Marxist left is to erase all of this good will and progress in order to stir up grievances and hatred.

The Post-Marxist Left’s New Analysis

Gradually, Communists understood that things weren’t developing as predicted. There were many attempts to adjust to this unpredicted reality, ranging from Vladimir Lenin’s theory of imperialism through such thinkers as Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, the Frankfurt School; Third World-oriented interpretations like that of Andre Gunder Frank (whose book Hugo Chavez gave to Obama); Saul Alinsky; and the 1960s New Left. One of the most important New Left strategists from the 1960s, Carl Davidson, headed the Progressives for Obama group in the 2008 election. Bill Ayers pioneered using education for indoctrination.

The new approach argued that the proletariat and lower middle class had largely “sold out” and was now the enemy, clinging to guns, religion, and hatred of those different from themselves. This treason was related to racist and imperialist privilege. Swollen with imperialist and "white-skin" privilege, the United States was the cancer of the world. America was evil and Americans were the enemy, a stance quite different from that of earlier left movements.

So what was the revolutionary strategy to be? The most important basic principle is that the left must, in effect, wear a burqa, concealing its true nature and goals, pretending to be liberal or -- stealing an old liberal reformist term also used by the Communists -- progressive. This is purely opportunistic, a descendant of the 1940s Communist Party slogan claiming that "Communism is twentieth-century Americanism." In the current incarnation, left-wing radicalism is said to be twenty-first century liberalism. Millions of Americans accept these ideas with no idea of their origin or goals.

Second, rather than struggling to weaken the capitalist state to overthrow it, the strategy was to work “within the system” to seize control of the state apparatus in order to transform the society. Thus, the state is to be strengthened as a tool for transforming society rather than defeated.