As The State of the Union Speech Shows: The Problem with Obama Isn't Just Political or Ideological, It's Ignorance, Inexperience, Character, and Incompetence, Too,

Having a president — the most powerful single man in the world -- who isn’t engaged with reality is very scary.

It’s not just about politics and ideology. There are three other factors.

First, Obama doesn’t have the experience, character, or personality to be president. To put it flatly: he’s in over his head. And that might mean we are the ones who may drown. So it isn’t just having a left-wing president but a very inept one. A normal left-wing president with a hidden agenda would want to make himself and his agenda succeed as much as possible.

Second, Obama doesn’t have a very good understanding of America, its history, its system, or its institutions. We see this constantly in his attitude toward the basic governmental structures. He simply doesn’t seem, for example, to comprehend the role of Congress. Obama really thinks that Congress has no right to thwart him, and he isn't quite sure that the Supreme Court, not him, determines what is constitutional. He has no real idea how the economic system works, including the function of the bankruptcy laws or of the private enterprise system generally. What could be more ironic than the fact that the man who is supposed to be the smartest guy around is, in functional terms, the dumbest guy around?

He was never a governor so he doesn’t know how states work or how to administer. He was never a really effective or experienced member of Congress so he doesn’t understand the legislative process. He was never a real working lawyer so he doesn’t comprehend the court system.

Third, Obama is fundamentally alien to the United States. His ostensible race is a red herring. If Obama were an “African-American” who was intimately involved in growing up in such a community there would be no such problem. In real material terms, though, he doesn’t even care for that community, from which he is also fundamentally detached, ignoring the economic suffering there. He is a Martha’s Vineyard man, not a “ghetto” man.

If not for having become entangled in the race issue, Obama’s profound incompetence — his inarticulateness, lack of knowledge about issues and processes -- would be obvious to all.