Egypt: If A Country of 80 Million People Falls And The Media Is Deaf, Does Anyone Hear?

There are a lot of complaints about the mass media not reporting important developments. But what about when a major newspaper publishes a revelation of huge global importance and no one pays attention?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Amr Moussa, the most important and popular politician in Egypt and almost certain to be the next president, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to dominate the country's parliament. This isn't me saying this, it's Amr Moussa:

It is inevitable that parliamentary elections in September will usher in a legislature led by a bloc of Islamists, with the Brotherhood at the forefront.

Might this not be a matter of importance for the U.S. government? Shouldn't this be a lead story in every newspaper and on every television show? Why isn't there a public debate about what the United States and European governments will do if (when?) this happens.

Moussa has no motive to distort things. He has no political party running for parliament. Nor is he an Islamist speaking on the basis of wishful thinking. In effect, what he's saying is this:

I'm going to be president of Egypt and will have to get along with a parliament dominated by radical Islamists. They will write the constitution. I don't intend to fight against them but to act in a way that they will support me.

Suppose knowing in 1932, months ahead of time, that the Nazi Party would dominate Germany's government or that the Bolsheviks would gain power in Russia. How about knowing in early 1978 that Iran was going to have an Islamist revolution led by the kind of people who would take hostage the entire U.S. embassy staff and seek to spread anti-American revolution and terrorism throughout the region? Might that have sparked some discussion and action?

The Brotherhood is a radical Islamist group that supports genocide against Israel and violence against the United States. It is anti-Christian and wants to keep women as second-class people. It favors killing homosexuals. Here is Egypt's foremost politician predicting that they will be to a large extent in control of the country, making its laws, and writing its constitution.

Let me make this clear: In October 2010 I warned that the Muslim Brotherhood was going on the offensive and its leader declared jihad against the United States. I didn't say this because of something I thought up. I was quoting a speech made by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. People mourn today because the United States ignored a declaration of jihad by a guy named Usama bin Ladin. Remember him? And then there was September 11.

At the start of Egypt's revolution, I was the first to point out the dangers. What the mass media ignored in February it accepted as fact in April.

I would not dare predict a Muslim Brotherhood victory by myself. Up until now, I thought the nationalists would form a strong bloc. But with Moussa not organizing a party and everyone else in the country doing little to create a strong anti-Islamist front, I'm going to listen to what Moussa thinks. He ought to know.

There's also a new factor: the Brotherhood's alliance with the "Salafists," that is Islamists even more radical than the Brotherhood. The kind of people who think bin Laden is a great hero. Watch this video to get the flavor of that sector. Prepare for mass demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with rock-throwing and police standing by watching and doing nothing.