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SCOOP: Obama Administration Does it Again! Empowers Largely Islamist Leadership for Syrian Revolution

To my knowledge, not a single journalist or expert in the entire world has yet used this publicly available information and done the simple math involved. Yet this is the body that's going to be receiving Western help and money, if any is offered to help bring a new government to Syria.


 NamePolitical Affiliation Sectarian Background
1Burhane GhaliounIndependent LeftSunni Arab / Homs
2Samir NasharDamascus Declaration CouncilSunni Arab / Aleppo
3Muhammad TaifurMuslim BrotherhoodSunni Arab / Hama
4Basma KodmaniIndependent LeftSunni Arab (spikesperson)
5Abdelbasit SidaIndependent Kurdish ActivistKurdish
6Abdel Ahad SteifoChristian: Assyrian Democratic MovementChristian / Hassakeh
7Ahmad RamdanOld SNC, Islamist (Syrian Hamas Adviser)Sunni Arab
8Ahmad Sayyid YoussefMuslim BrotherhoodSunni Arab / Homs
9Abdel Hamid AtassyDamascus Declaration CouncilSunni Arab / Homs
10Abdel Ilah MilhemTribal CoalitionSunni Arab / Homs
11Emadiddine RasheedOld SNC, Islamist (Religion Instructor)Sunni Arab / Damascus
12Jabr Al-ShoufiDamascus DeclarationArab / Druze
13Wa’el MirzaOld SNC, IslamistSunni Arab
14Muhammad Bassam YoussefMuslim BrotherhoodSunni Arab / Homs
15Anas Al-AbdehDamascus Declaration Council, IslamistSunni Arab / Damascus
16Kathryn Al-TalliLocal Coordination Committees, ChristianChristian
17Motei BateenLCCs, Islamist (Imam)Sunni Arab /Deraa (Hauran)
18Najib GhadbianOld SNC, Independent IslamistSunni Arab / Damascus
19Nazeer HakeemMuslim BrotherhoodSunni Arab


The Presidential Council:


1Burhane GhaliounIndependent LeftSunni Arab / Homs
2Samir NasharDamascus Declaration CouncilSunni Arab / Aleppo
3Muhammad TaifurMuslim BrotherhoodSunni Arab / Hama
4Abdelbasit SidaIndependent Kurdish ActivistKurdish
5Abdel Ahad SteifoChristian: Assyrian Democratic MovementChristian / Hassakeh


Note that the Presidential Council is much more balanced with only one Islamist, and the remaining names include a leftist, a liberal, a Christian, and a Kurd.  This seems, however, to be more for show to conceal the imbalance in the overall leadership.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean the actual leadership is highly Islamist, but it does indicate that the official leadership, chosen with U.S. participation,  is far more balanced with only one Islamist.

It should be clear that none of this reflects on the courageous Syrian people who have stood up unarmed to the massive repression and killing power of the regime which has killed over 3000 civilians in cold blood. Indeed, the majority of these people -- in contrast to what might turn out to be true in Libya or Egypt -- don't want to be ruled by a Sunni Arab Islamist government.  In that sense, this is a betrayal of their bravery and aspirations.

Now, with your permission, I will have a brief angry outburst:

Those fools in the U.S. government helped produce an official leadership that is highly Islamist, perhaps much more so than the actual participants. Might not U.S. interests require pushing for genuine moderates to lead?  After all, these are the people likely to get Western money and assistance. When it had a choice, the Obama administration preferred to empower the enemies of America and the West. (Shall I add, once again?)

One more time, this list isn’t a clear indication of the composition of those fighting in Syria, yet it suggests that U.S. policy prefers to help enemies take power in Syria when it could have very easily done otherwise.