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More Intellectual Junk from the NY Times: Author Knows Zero About Sharia Except That It Is No Problem

Actually, the real issue is less that the application of Sharia law is far more problematic for Muslims than for society in general. It would greatly restrict the freedom of Muslims and contradict American law on many points. We have already seen precedents in which Sharia law is forced on non-Muslims. But the real victim would be Muslim women who would be forced by parents and community pressure--including threats of violence--to give up rights they possess as American citizens.

The argument that Sharia law is equivalent to letting Jews mediate over a "get" (divorce decree) is pretty ridiculous, but then so are many of the arguments put forward in American public debates nowadays by the establishment. Why did I write this article? Because such nonsense should not go uncriticized. Since the Times won't provide a balance to its op-eds, someone has to do it.

Oh, and one more thing. "Islamophobia" is not inspired by honest discussion about radical Islamism. The truth is the exact opposite: because the establishment doesn't make a truthful distinction between revolutionary Islamism and its Muslim victims that many people generalize about all of Islam and all Muslims. The obvious contradiction between the ludicrous insistence that Islam is always a "religion of peace" and no real problems exist causes more suspicion and hatred than any actual balanced account of the civil war among Muslims would have done.

I have no position on the passing of specific legislation by states or what U.S. law should be, but--parallel to Jerry Seinfeld's stand on the dentist--as an academic, intellectual, and expert on Islam I resent antisemitism being exploited by people who never mention Islamist antisemitism, standards being corrupted by professors saying silly things, and the mass media turning itself into a one-sided propaganda operation.

And if one day, for example, Muslim women are beaten and intimidated into accepting Sharia law mediation in which their rights as human beings and as Americans are trampled, will Professor Stern take responsibility for that?