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Massive Riots in Egypt: Honeymoon Over, Divorce Begins?

By Barry Rubin

More than 1000 people were injured during rioting in Cairo, focused around Tahrir Square. It is the end of the "Arab Spring" honeymoon for Egypt. The violence began when demonstrators demanding faster trials for Mubarak era officials (clashed with? were attacked by?) police. Politicians, the April 6 Youth Movement, and the Muslim Brotherhood criticized the interim military government, comparing it with the Mubarak regime. The military accused pro-Mubarak forces of stirring up violence and confirmed that parliamentary elections will be held in September. I think the armed forces are eager to get out of politics and get back to what they do best...making money. Ironically, most of the politicians simultaneously demand that elections be speeded up (to have an elected government faster) and slow down (to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.