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Please Go Away, Sequestration Closed This Entrance

First the White House shut down tours, blaming sequestration for cutting into Secret Service funding.

Doors were also locked at congressional office buildings and some checkpoints on the Hill were closed. Capitol Police told Congress that the move was necessary to cut back on staffing overtime, but the closed entrances still have a cop standing there to tell people why they can’t come that way: sequestration.

“We have no White House tours right now, but they have got $250 million to give to Egypt extra beyond the $2 billion we give. I can tell you that people are outraged,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said this morning on CNN.

“When I talk to working-class people and they find that their taxes are being sent to a country that burns our flag and chants death to America, meanwhile, we don’t have tours in the White House. You know what the president’s done now? He’s closing the entrances to the office buildings here,” he said.

“I asked one of the Capitol Hill police. I said, where are they, are they not working? He said, no, they have just been assigned to other locations. This Mickey Mouse games he does, and then he gives $250 million in addition to the couple billion we already give to Egypt, I think it’s really a disgrace.”

“Please be aware that there are additional Capitol Police interior posts and other services affected by sequestration not listed on this message which may increase wait times but not negatively impact security,” the Capitol Police Board notified Congress earlier this month. “We regret any inconvenience.”