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[VIDEO] 3D Printing Demo at #SXSW is doing a cool demo of 3D printing tech on the trade show floor. They have a machine at the booth that will take a model created in 3D software and turn it into a real, physical object. 3D printing promises to be a major leap in design and manufacturing. This particular company’s idea is to franchise 3D printing globally, so they’re not selling the machine itself — which runs about $1300 — so much as selling the ability to get into global 3D design and printing of everything from the sunglasses they’re printing in this video…

…to toys…

…and food. The image on the pad shows 3D printed gummy bears based on full body scans of real people. Eat your friends!

And clothing. This shirt was precision ripped with a laser version of the printer.

My next session here is about 3D printing. Specifically, the 3D printing of firearms. Not to be overly dramatic, but 3D printing of guns may render the anti-Second Amendment movement obsolete.

More: They’re giving out these little 3D printed cards, customized to wherever you live.