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Ryan Sticks To Principles, Offends WaPo

Marching orders.

Ed Rogers says that Rep. Paul Ryan is the man to watch. He is a good one to watch, all right, but not because he will be successful. Rather, he should be studied for a lesson in how the GOP isn’t learning its lessons properly.

President Obama chose Ryan of all House members last week to have lunch with. I think the president admires Ryan’s seriousness of purpose. I think he sees some of himself in him for the lack of self-consciousness, the willingness to take a stand among elders in the party and the determination to have an impact on policy.

But it is also clear that Obama is just reeling Ryan in for the game. By paying so much attention to Ryan, we are once again reminded of just how miserably unpopular the policies of this budget chairman are with the American people and how soundly they have been rejected. Now Ryan is renewing his push — not with a changed perspective based on six months of criss-crossing the country — but with the same policies that have already been rejected by the voters.

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing about the “lack of self-consciousness” that President Obama exudes to the lapdog media.

The article goes on to describe a dreamy economy that’s being experienced by absolutely no one who is awake right now and touts the recent market highs as evidence. Yes, they’re huge fans of the stock market if it props up a narrative for this president, but not so much if you suggest letting people invest money that the government would rather waste.

This is more of the conflation of victory and mandate that the MSM has been engaged in since November. Paul Ryan’s budget proposals always were more sound than anything this administration may or may not have suggested. They were based on economics, not feelings, and he’s not throwing it all out the window just because a good portion of the American electorate is drunk.

Good for him.