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Is That Dumb CO Campus Concealed Carry Ban Dead?


Update: … or is the bill really dead? The plot thickens as the Denver Post updates is original reporting, and says Sen. Heath might not have made up his mind… but his Democrat colleagues insist that no, his mind is indeed made up… but the Senate President says those guys are just peddling rumors:

The sponsor of a bill that would ban use of concealed weapons on college campuses said Friday he hasn’t made a decision whether to debate the bill, or just kill it.

Four Democratic lawmakers say Heath plans to set the bill aside.

“I haven’t made my decisions. I’m still working” on it it, said Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, the bill’s sponsor.

But Democrats insist to The Denver Post that Heath had agreed to kill his measure, but then later questioned whether he was doing the right thing.

Senate President John Morse said of those sources: “They were going off rumors.”

Here’s the money line from the Human Events post:

This simply is not the caliber of statesmanship I would expect from people who think women can’t be trusted with guns because they’re trigger-happy hysterics, and if you can’t beat a rapist with kung fu, there’s no point in trying to shoot him.

The handling of this proposed ban by several Colorado Democrats has been even more idiotic than the law itself. In a more sane world, Salazar & Company would have had their careers close to ruined by now by a more responsible pack of-ahem-journalists.

(h/t Ace of Spades HQ)