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Eleanor Clift: These Obama Dinners Are Super-Duper Important

For him.

If you wonder why President Obama has changed course and is suddenly reaching out to Republicans in Congress, you need look no further than the recent wave of public-opinion surveys, which show his approval rating dropping precipitously, his reelection bump gone. Even though polls show the public is more likely to blame Congress for the obstruction that led to the sequester and the hardship it causes, that doesn’t mean Obama gets a free pass.

He’s not getting a free pass? That’s news to me. And I pay attention to a lot of news.

Just when it looks like someone from the Leftmedia might be taking a stab at questioning The Lightbringer, it vanishes as quickly as it seemed to appear. Within two paragraphs, Clift admits that there is nothing to lose for Obama to take this route.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to figure out why he’s doing it. He makes a rather meaningless gesture (everybody has dinner), then the next time there’s a good public scaring in order he can whine, “Hey, I tried.” The press, of course, will dutifully report that he facilitated the mother of all bipartisan outreach attempts, only to be rejected by the evil Republicans who want your puppies to be sequestered.