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Photo Caption Contest Winners: ‘Not Dictator’ of the United States?

Our caption writers responded very well to our latest Photo Caption Contest with President Obama stating that he is “not a dictator” while acting like dictators act. (Just ask all the school children who will not be visiting the White House this spring.)

We also expect summer reeducation camps to be in session soon, scattering all you “bitter clingers” far and wide, but do not forget that these were the captions that landed you in that bug infested bunk bed.

There were two Grand Prize winners both writers from the royal court of the Caption Kings. The first from RockThisTown, completing the contest sentence:

“I am not a dictator….but if I had a son, he would look like Qaddafi.”

And from cfbleachers:

“I did not have dictatorial relations with that country.”

Big round of applause (but applaud quietly) or RockThisTown and cfbleachers will lose that rotten potato ration from their evening soup.

Here are the rest of the best, but there were so many great ones.

I am not a dictator, as for proof, ask the two thousand illegals I released, they will vouch for me.   Donald Eugene      

I prefer the title, “Emperor.”  Just Jake

…but I play one on TV.”  fortibus85

 …which is why I have directed my cabinet to change that through bypassing congress and using executive power creatively and aggressively. 

..but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last night

…but my House is closed until further notice

 The three above were submitted by contest newcomer, mike7777777.

 “I am not a dictator…..I am a god. See all of my true worshipers bowing before me!” (Points to White House Press Pool.)    Scottch

…but i hope to change that. hope’n’change.   jlw

“I am not a dictator. I just bow down to them.

“Hey, who put the ‘not’ on my teleprompter?”

The two above were from Chris Henderson. (Hey Chris, where is your dad, Don? No entries from him lately.)

Our two grand prize winning Caption Kings also submitted several more great captions. From cfbleachers:

The difference between a benevolent dictator and a tyrant is…the dictator owns all the storytellers.

“I am not a dictator”….”I have people to do that to give me plausible deniability.”

“I am not a dictator.” And, to prove it, I will empty the prisons… before I fill them.

You MUST buy my government insurance, you MUST not protect your borders, you MUST not question me in the press, you MUST turn in your guns…but, I am not a dictator. You’re thinking too small.

If democracy falls in the forest of complicit media, does the lack of sound mean it didn’t happen?

From RockThisTown:

” . . . except in my dreams.”

The founding fathers simply messed up when they didn’t make me one.”

And finally this caption is a little rough (and sort of breaks the rules) but here it is anyway, submitted by hipdeep:

And the obvious:  “Not a dictator; just a dic.”

We will see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest and if not, you’ll know where to visit me (and please bring along some gluten free bread.)