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Why Does Hollywood Mourn Hugo Chavez?

Hollywood lefties today emulate the weeping Venezuleans over the death of dictator Hugo Chavez.  Sean Penn salutes him as a “champion” of poor people and Oliver Stone calls him “a great hero.”

Knowing Chavez’s record, it is not surprising that he is saluted by leftist Hollywood.  He is their fondest dream, the dictator that Woody Allen wanted Obama to become until the president’s policies were firmly in place.  They call George W. Bush “a fascist”– Chavez goes them one better by likening him to Satan.  They want the “fairness doctrine”– Chavez put their secret wishes into policy by forcing opposition broadcasters (Venezuela’s equivalent of alternative media) off the air.  They denounce the United States as “imperialist” in much the same manner as Chavez.  They attack the “fetish” of those who apply the US Constitution against opponents — he rewrites his the first day in office.

And best of all, he did this as the progressive one-percenter like Michael Moore.  Experts today have discovered that he amassed a private fortune of $2 billion, and we all know how much Hollywood lefties make.