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Nominees Expected To Ramp Up Climate Commie Executive Overreach

Lame duck not in danger of extinction.

Mr. Obama nominated Gina McCarthy, an experienced clean air regulator, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, and Ernest Moniz, an M.I.T. physicist and strong advocate of natural gas and nuclear power, to run the Energy Department. Both believe global warming is one of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Both have deep experience — Ms. McCarthy as an assistant administrator at the E.P.A. and an adviser to Republican governors in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Mr. Moniz as an under secretary of energy in the Clinton administration.

Both will be required to use their regulatory authority creatively and aggressively. There is zero chance that Congress will enact the “bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change” that Mr. Obama called for in his State of the Union address. This means that his second-term agenda on climate change will run through Ms. McCarthy’s and Mr. Moniz’s agencies, and will depend almost entirely on executive actions that do not require Congressional approval.

This is the United States we live in: the thought of unchecked government agencies using powers “creatively and aggressively” is seen as a good thing by many. That’s formerly the stuff of dark, apocalyptic novels about the future.

Despite the fact that the green horses the president backed in his first term are still pulling up lame, the administration is going all-in for its unsustainable sustainable energy folly. Hide your wallets.

Four more years.