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New Photo Caption Contest: ‘Not Dictator’ of the United States?

Like any proclamation of historical consequence, when President Obama declared on Friday, March 1, “I am not a dictator,” his statement needed time to marinate so we could process that an American president had even uttered those words.  But now, days later, I realized that time had arrived after reading Tatler Editor, Bryan Preston’s piece about a new Obama Administration memo proving that they intend to make the sequester cuts hurt as much as possible all the way down the food chain. Bryan called it “going Soviet” and that nicely sums up President Obama’s newest strategy of inflicting unnecessary pain on the American people so he can win political battles against his enemies.

Now, can anyone recall if any American president had ever intentionally tried to do anything like this in our entire history? Certainly, large scale pain has been inflicted on our people in the past, especially during wars, but that was largely due to wartime management or rationing of resources necessary to win.

So the theme of our newest caption contest is President Obama stating that he is “not a dictator” while acting like dictators act.

As difficult as this may be, all caption writers must still stay within the contest rules of  “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” Here are the winners of our last contest who did that rather well.

Have fun and remember how we used to have a president who once said, “I am not a crook,” and now almost four decades later we have a president who says, “I am not a dictator.”  

Now that is progress!