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Mike Bloomberg, Killer Nanny Boss

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is not content to strip New Yorkers of their firearms and big sodas. Now he wants to busybody them about earbuds too. You get the impressing that Mike Bloomberg is, mostly, an annoying little prat.

Law-abiding people minding their own business on iPods shouldn’t be any mayor’s concern. Bloomberg should just stick to trying to be a competent mayor. He’s not there yet, not even close.

Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial $2 billion effort to modernize the 911 system — billed as a cure-all for every emergency-communications ill — was labeled a boondoggle by the city’s own experts two years ago, The Post has learned.

The project “does not have a defined business case” for spending $2 billion on a new 911 system, Gartner Consulting told City Hall in a March 2011 report marked “draft — confidential.”

The consultant’s 45-page report, reviewed by The Post, explained the city was wasting its money by plowing ahead without resolving key problems. It slams the high-tech system for management failures and computer glitches, and clobbers key communications officials for refusing to cooperate and, instead, battling over turf.

The consultants report also found:

* Repeated failures of the emergency-response software were reported but were not fixed.

* The NYPD refused to merge its system for dispatching units with that of the FDNY and the EMS — although that was a key reason for creating the new system. And the departments would not work together to create a unified management structure for the new system.

And so forth. Much more at the link. A flopped 911 system can and will get people killed. Bloomberg failed utterly after Sandy ripped the region, too. He’s an ineffectual, effette little dictator. But hey, at least he’ll save New Yorkers from drinking too much Sprite!

Bloomberg and his fellow leftist Barack Obama have something in common in their heart of hearts. They are far less interested in having government competently perform its core tasks, than they are interested in expanding government into whole new realms of incompetence.