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Democrat's New Anti-Gun Initiative: Tell Men Not To Rape

There have been a lot of interesting comments made lately about rape, pregnancy, and guns.  When combined, the results can be puzzling, offensive, or a combination of the two.  As this debate over guns rages on, we see more and more Democrats, albeit at the local level, making stupid remarks about rape a la Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.  We had State Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Colorado) saying women don’t know what it feels like before they’re raped, hence they shouldn’t be armed on campus. State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Colorado) had the temerity to say to Amanda Collins that the “statistics are not on your side” during her testimony on Colorado’s bill that would ban concealed-carry weapons on college campuses.  Collins was brutally raped in a gun free zone at the University of Nevada-Reno.

Now, Zerlina Maxwell, a Democratic strategist, has a new anti-gun agenda: telling men not to rape.  Allahpundit at Hot Air posted today that:

[I]n fairness to Maxwell, I don’t think she’s touting anti-rape education as a complete alternative to arming women, she’s touting it in order to duck Hannity’s question about why any woman should be left defenseless in the name of advancing the Democrats’ gun-control agenda. As we saw yesterday, that subject is vexing enough for a committed gun-grabber that it’s apt to induce outright idiocy in its proponents. To believe that educating boys about what constitutes consent might eliminate rape entirely is like believing that anti-smoking and anti-drunk-driving campaigns will eliminate emphysema and alcohol-fueled car crashes. They might reduce the risk but they’ll never get rid of it completely. And rape, needless to say, is different from vehicular homicide caused by DUI insofar as it’s a crime of intent. There are, in fact, plenty of degenerates who understand the boundaries of consent perfectly well and will cross them regardless. It’s for those special individuals that handguns capable of fitting in purses are made.