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12 Hours And 54 Minutes Later, The Junior Senator From Kentucky Yields The Floor


For more than half of an almost magical day, Sen. Rand Paul treated American political junkies to something we haven’t seen much of lately: senators doing senator stuff. Dripping with decorum, “Thank yous” and gentlemen from everywhere, we were treated to a drawn-out grand political spectacle the likes of which doesn’t happen much in the short attention span era.

Sen. Paul relentlessly made his case for civil liberties, receiving support from Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon, as well Code Pink and the American Civil Liberties Union, two groups not known for cheer leading Tea Party politicians. From his own party, Paul was backed up by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee (who did the heavy relief lifting to spell Paul), as well as host of others who showed up to lend support in the eleventh hour. Several members of the House were also seen milling about as the evening wore on. He even got a support tweet from Van Jones.

And all he wanted was some assurance from The Lightbringer that he wouldn’t get drone-happy with his own citizens. He didn’t get it.

The reason I linked to MSNBC at the top of the post was because they at least had some coverage. Here is a screenshot of CNN’s homepage a few minutes after the filibuster ended (click to enlarge):