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AIPAC Report: Dem Congressman Brad Sherman's Straight Talk on the Leftward Shift of His Party

AIPAC likes to boast that it is a bipartisan organization, and that support for Israel is overwhelming in both parties. Well, that is not exactly true.

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) is perhaps the last principled pro-Israel Democrat left in Congress, since all his Democratic allies in the Senate voted to confirm Israel-hater Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense. Sherman is a staunch supporter of Israel — endorsing every piece of pro-Israel legislation making its way through congress — and the only Democrat who has been honest about the leftward shift of his party away from Israel.

Without even being asked about it, he opened one of his talks at AIPAC, saying, “We have a problem on our left-wing” and “we have some work to do in the liberal community” regarding the decrease of support for Israel in his party. He went on, “I go into left-wing rooms and hear things I don’t want to hear…on the far, far left, they hate Israel because its pro-American.” He said this is because “liberals instinctively root for the underdog” and see the Middle East conflict through the lens of Israel oppressing the Palestinians.

He urged liberal, pro-Israel Jews to combat this by, among other things, informing the left about how open Israel is to the LGBT community. He said Israel advocates must become more engaged in their communities and teach their fellow citizens about the positive qualities of Israel.

When asked about the possibility of America using force against Iran, Sherman plainly said, “America will not attack Iran” to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon because it is war weary from Iraq and Afghanistan. This was a stunning admission by him, as the night before Vice President Biden — restating what Obama has said in the past — told the entire conference that all options, including the military one, must remain on the table. But according to Congressman Sherman, the American threat of force by President Obama is not credible.