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Sequester Apocalypse Weekend: Sun Came Up, Obama Job Approval Went Down


President Obama’s job approval rating took a hit over the weekend, falling to its lowest level in the Gallup three-day average since his reelection.

His approval rating was 46 percent between Feb 29 and March 2, down from 53 percent a week earlier.

The drop comes after Obama and Congress failed to reach a last-minute deal and automatic sequester cuts kicked in across the government on Friday.

His disapproval rating also jumped to its highest level since November, hitting 46 percent over the weekend, up from 40 percent a week earlier.

He’d been on a roll until the Sequester Scare Theater reviews came in over the weekend, answering the question we’ve all been waiting for GOP leadership to finally let be answered: What if they threw a crisis party and nobody came?

Fingers-crossed that Boehner and Co. have learned something from not going full jellyfish at the last minute this time…