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Has Obama Suffered a Serious Setback?

That’s what Dan Mitchell argues today:

[President Obama] miscalculated in thinking that the fiscal cliff tax hike somehow meant that he had permanently neutered the GOP, and he definitely goofed when he tried to use the sequester as a weapon to bully Republicans into another tax hike.

Ignoring the President’s hyperbole about the supposed catastrophic effects of a very modest reduction in the growth of the federal budget, Republicans have held firm.

And the President has suffered a painful political and policy defeat.

That’s chicken in the bush or a bird in the egg or something that I’m not yet ready to count.

The White House still has plenty of tools at its disposal to paint the GOP as the bad guys in the sequester, and Complicit Media to help every step of the way. Hungry school kids, frustrated travelers, laid-off janitors — the Tear Factory is just getting warmed up.

It worked for Clinton in ’95, and might well work for Obama.

The bad news for House Republicans is that in John Boehner, their leader, lacks the strategic vision of New Gingrich. The good news for Republicans is that in John Boehner, their leader, lacks the overreaching ego of Newt Gingrich.

That might end up being just the balance the party needs to hold on during what’s sure to be a long, bitter, and unfair fight.