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Broke, Nearly Bankrupt Country Reeling from Devastating Budget Cuts...Hands Muslim Brotherhood Government $250,000,000

The Obama government is set to hand the Egyptian government a massive $250 million, while it is going out of its way to inflict pain on US citizens and taxpayers.

Secretary of State John Kerry announced Sunday that the United States would provide $250 million in assistance to Egypt after Egypt’s president promised to move ahead with negotiations with the International Monetary Fund over economic reforms.

In a statement issued after his two-hour meeting with President Mohamed Morsi, Mr. Kerry said the aid decision reflected Egypt’s “extreme needs” and Mr. Morsi’s assurance that Egypt would reach an agreement with the I.M.F. after more than a year of talks over a $4.8 billion loan package.

The statement issued by Mr. Kerry noted that he and Mr. Morsi had discussed the need to ensure the fairness of Egypt’s coming elections, but it did not mention any specific political commitments the Egyptian president had made to receive the aid.

The $250 million is part of a $1 billion package that the broke, budgetless US government will hand over to Egypt’s rising Islamist state.

The Obama regime treats a radical foreign government better than it is treating our own people.