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Cornyn: Concern is Whether Iran Finds U.S. Threats of Action Credible

Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this evening that whether Iran bends to the will of the White House depends on the administration’s credibility to follow through on the promise to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program by any means necessary.

In American politics, Cornyn said, Iran getting nuclear weapons capability is viewed as a “game-changing event.”

“If Iran goes nuclear it could be the ultimate game-ender for the Middle East,” he said.

“Stopping the Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons is not optional,” Cornyn continued. “…Iran is not content to be a rational state actor; it seeks to destroy Israel, dominate the Middle East and spread anti-western jihadism.”

He said the only way to stop Iran is “debilitating sanctions with the credible threat of military action — of course, the key word in that sentence is credible.”

“In order for the us to maintain credibility with Iran, we must also maintain credibility in Israel.”

Cornyn praised the Jewish state as a country “where Arabs can serve in parliament and heckle the prime minister,” and Hamas-controlled Gaza as “a place where children are indoctrinated in a culture of death.”

“Now more than ever America needs a strong Israel and Israel needs a strong America,” he said.