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You Know Else Besides Ted Cruz Talked About Marxist Professors? Barack Obama, That's Who.

A few days back, many in the media got the vapors over a three-year-old speech in which Ted Cruz, then a candidate now a US senator, mentioned his belief that there are more Marxists professors at Harvard University than there are Republican. “McCarthyism!” they cried in unison while pretending not to be singing from the same sheet of music.

Set aside the fact that there are more Marxist professors at many universities across America than there are Republican professors.

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone in the media would bring this up. To my knowledge, no one has.

Ted Cruz isn’t the only person to bring up Marxist professors as a fact at US universities.

In one of his autobiographies, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama wrote that during his time at Occidental College, he chose his friends “carefully” to “avoid being mistaken for a sellout.” Those friends were, “the politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors.” That’s on page 100 of his book.

You can hear him speak the words for yourself. Here is an excerpt from the audiobook.


It’s evident from the tone that not only did Obama know Marxist professors at his college, he found their presence uncontroversial. Occidental is not Harvard, of course, but no one in the media has explored what Obama’s college associations tell us about his worldview. Several have torn after Cruz’s speech, though.

Interestingly, while the media have seized on Cruz’s remarks while ignoring Obama’s, they have also failed to note a major difference between them. Cruz was clearly criticizing Marxist professors in his 2010 speech. According to Obama’s own words in his own book, he sought them out.