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Tea Party News Network Sponsors WiFi at CPAC

A very belated thank you to the Tea Party News Network for sponsoring free wifi at CPAC this year.  On February 26, the ACU released this statement.

The American Conservative Union (ACU) today announced that the Tea Party News Network will sponsor free WiFi for all CPAC 2013 attendees, including media.  The 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference will be held Thursday, March 14 – Saturday, March 16, 2013.

“We are thrilled that the Tea Party News Network stepped forward to sponsor Wifi for all conference attendees this year,” said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas.

“We’re delighted that we could provide free internet for all CPAC 2013 attendees,” said Scottie Nell Hughes, News Director of the Tea Party News Network. “We wanted to ensure that at the largest annual gathering of conservatives the thousands of bloggers and grassroots conservative activists have the ability to share their thoughts and message with the world.”

Bloggers were originally going to have to pay for access, which would’ve have added a substantial expense to everyone’s bill.

As John Hawkins at Right Wing News posted last Tuesday:

it was going to be $250 a head for bloggers to get the Internet that will allow them to properly cover the event they will be there to report on in the first place. These aren’t reporters from MSNBC or CNN who can just shrug their shoulders and have the company cover it. Most conservative bloggers have day jobs and they’re already shelling out a lot of money to travel to the event, get a hotel, and cover all the other expenses that go along with an event like this.

In other words, it’s NOT cheap and adding $250 to their bill might keep them from being able to attend at all. Moreover, what image would that present for the conservative movement?

(H/T The Right Sphere)