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Rep. Sandy Levin Auditions For Sequester Scare Theater


Republicans in Congress, however, have steadfastly opposed any additional revenue — through closing loopholes — to replace sequestration.

Their rigidity on the issue comes even as stagnant wage growth for the middle class and increasing incomes for the very wealthy have exacerbated America’s deepening income inequality.

If the November election provided a referendum on anything, it did so on the concept of a balanced approach to solving our nation’s deficit problems. The months since have only cemented that opinion. Some three-quarters of Americans told pollsters at the Pew Research Center last month that they believe we need a combination of both spending cuts and revenue to reduce the deficit.

Americans should not have to suffer because Republicans in Congress refuse to listen to them.

Translation: “I’m willing to compromise if they do exactly what I want them to do. If not, I’ll do nothing and get a free pass. Thanks, MSM!”