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Plastic Bag Ban Leads to Sharp Rise in Shoplifting

Leftists — is there anything their good intentions can’t destroy?

The Dukes opened the Lake City grocery store in June 2011, and Mike Duke said in the year before the plastic-bag ban losses in frozen food and produce were a small fraction of what he’s seeing now. As he explained to and also the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the shoplifters’ patterns are difficult to detect.

They enter the store with reusable bags and can more easily conceal items they steal. The reusable bags require staff to watch much more closely, and even though the store has a loss-prevention officer and more than a dozen security cameras, it’s tough to tell what a customer has paid for and what they may already have brought with them.

According to data released in January by Seattle Public Utilities, 21.1 percent of business owners surveyed said increased shoplifting because of the plastic bag ban was a problem. Results of another survey released in January – one done by an environmental advocacy group that found the ban “popular and successful” – didn’t mention the problem of shoplifting.

So get ready, Austin businesses! Austin’s bag ban went into effect today. You’re all about to lose a whole lot more merch to theft. And then there’s the food-borne illness problem that the filthy reusable bags come with.

h/t Liberty Unyielding