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Man Follows Joe Biden's Self-Defense Advice, Gets Charged with a Crime

Vice President Joseph Biden recently advised women who want a firearm for self-defense to buy a shotgun. He also said that he has advised his wife that, if she senses trouble, she should take her shotgun and fire two warning shots. Biden also suggested that if you find yourself facing a threat in your home, you should fire your shotgun through a door.

Let’s see what happens to a man who followed those ideas.

According to Grazia Moyers with the Virginia Beach Police Department, officers responded to the 500 block of Mango Drive around 10:30 p.m. Saturday for a report of shots fired.

There, they spoke with the resident, Trevor Lamont Snowden, who told police his dog was acting strange. When he walked to his bedroom, he said he saw two masked suspects leaning in his open window.

Snowden told police the suspects pointed weapons at him and told him to shut the bedroom door. Thinking the suspects were going to rob him, he moved into the hallway and retrieved a shotgun.

Moyers said Snowden fired through his bedroom door, then opened the door and fired several more rounds toward the window. Any suspects fled the area and could not be located by officers.

No one was injured and there were no reports of damage to other property.

Snowden was charged with reckless handling of a firearm in the incident and released on a summons.

In Virginia, reckless handling of a firearm is a misdemeanor. Biden’s advice can lead to felony charges elsewhere.

Maybe Joe Biden should retire from politics and write an advice column.

h/t The Truth About Guns