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Democrat Lawmaker Makes Vile Comment to Teenage Girl

Keep it classy, Rep. Ernest Hewett (D-CT). This happened in a House Appropriations Committee meeting on February 20:

Said the girl: “I am usually a very shy person, and now I am more outgoing. I was able to teach those children about certain things like snakes that we have and the turtles that we have… I want to do something toward that, working with children when I get older.”

According to an audiotape of the hearing, Hewett replied: “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

Hewett, a Democrat from a state that elects Democrats who lie about serving in Vietnam, should expect no serious repercussions from this public come-on to a teenage girl. In fact, after you listen to the audio, you can anticipate his defense. His defenders will say “He was joking about her saying she’s bashful when she’s really poised and confident! He didn’t mean the snake comment the way it sounded!”