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Actual ABC News Headline: 'Has Ted Cruz Reached the Tipping Point?'

Read this ABC News story if you need a good laugh. Sen. Ted Cruz has been in office nearly two months. His term will run six years. He has gotten off to a faster, more high profile start than most freshmen senators do, by his own choice.

ABC’s Michael Falcone using media bashing of Cruz to argue that the media should be bashing Cruz. Or something.

The Ted Cruz headlines just won’t stop.

Yeah, almost like it’s part of a strategy to tear him apart.

“Sen. Ted Cruz says Obama wants immigration bill to fail to hurt GOP,” wrote the Dallas Morning News last week. Another Texas paper, the Houston Chronicle, published a recent piece titled: “Ted Cruz: The next Reagan or the next Joe McCarthy?”

Politico carried this on their homepage: “Ted Cruz defends his blunt style.” And Salon ominously foreshadowed, “The coming Rand Paul-Ted Cruz brawl.”

From there, Falcone goes on to use the New Yorker (leftist) and the New York Times (leftist) to bash the Republican Ted Cruz. Since when is it news that the leftist media bash Republicans? Falcone then finds one of the media’s favorite Republicans, Lindsay Graham, to criticize Cruz. Shocking, right?

I guess Falcone can’t find anyone outside the leftist media who doesn’t think Cruz has gone too far. Try the Google, Mr. Falcone, it’s pretty useful. He certainly didn’t call me, despite the fact that we enjoy traffic on a par with many big city dailies here at PJ and our operations cross the continents. We’re among the ones who caught ABC pushing shoddy video in the Martin-Zimmerman story. Maybe that’s why he didn’t call me, maybe? If Falcone had called me, I’d have told him that Cruz has overperformed based on my high expectations.

Ted Cruz didn’t go to Washington to get along or to become a part of the status quo. He went there to shake things up. He is shaking things up. Many in the media claim to admire politicians who don’t play the usual Washington games. Then they get one in the person of Ted Cruz, and publish story after story about what a monster he is or how he is reaching some arbitrary “tipping point” defined by the media for the express purpose of destroying him. That says more about the media than it says about Sen. Cruz.

There’s your soundbite.

Here’s another.

The Democrats are terrified of Ted Cruz. Not only is he smarter than they are, he is young, dynamic, principled and fearless. So the Democrat-tilting media is out to destroy him. Stories like Mr. Falcone’s are symptoms of a media that has surrendered any pretense to objectivity for the sake of protecting Democrats at all costs. Perhaps Mr. Falcone has experienced some of the Democrats’ bullying we’ve heard about this week, but unlike Bob Woodward and Ron Fournier, he lacks the backbone to stand up to it. Or maybe he likes being treated roughly. Who knows? Either way, his reporting doesn’t deserve to be taken very seriously. The fact that he couldn’t find any media praising Cruz again says more about the media than it says about Cruz. They’re leftist conformists who understand just how big a threat Ted Cruz really is to them.