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[VIDEO] WH Spox Jay Carney Scolds Press to do Some 'Old Fashioned Reporting'

A good press secretary never does what Jay Carney did today. Facing questions about the Obama White House’s attempt to threaten reporters including Bob Woodward, Carney defended the White House’s point of view to the hilt. Later in the presser, Carney chided reporters on their ability to do their jobs. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said yesterday that the sequester cuts would force schools to lay teachers off. That claim turned out to be completely false. Reporters today asked Carney about Duncan’s claim, and he told them to go call local school districts and do some “old fashioned” reporting.

Reporting like Bob Woodward has been doing…

Carney also came under fire from Fox’s Ed Henry. Carney claimed that the Obama White House has always been “respectful” of reporters, but last night, Obama ally David Plouffe launched an ageist attack on the 69-year-old Woodward. Other reporters have since come forward to say that the Obama White House has threatened them.

So far, no one at the Obama White House has been fired or even disciplined for their behavior.