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No Obama Sequestration Meetings Today; Tomorrow, Another Backroom Deal-Making Session

Today, as the clock ticks down on sequestration, President Obama lunches with Vice President Joe Biden — with no other events on his schedule as of this posting save for the swearing-in of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Tomorrow, when sequestration has already taken effect, he’ll bring congressional leaders of both parties to the White House for a sequestration-aversion session behind closed doors.

“We look forward to meeting with President Obama to develop a balanced, bipartisan solution to avoid the unemployment and economic uncertainty caused by the indiscriminate cuts set to take effect,” said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“In the meantime, House Democrats will continue to seek a vote on our proposal to avert this crisis with a fair solution, similar to the Senate Democratic proposal, that cuts spending responsibly, increases revenue, and creates growth with jobs,” she added.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) expressed exasperation that the latest round of talks will be yet more deal-making lacking transparency.

“Following the New Year’s Eve ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations, Americans demanded that Washington get serious about spending. Instead, the White House is calling for yet another eleventh hour, closed door meeting just like the ones that got us into this mess. Americans are tired of backroom deals that don’t address the true problem – spending – and they are ready for tough decisions,” Moran said.

“What will it take for Congress and the President to put an end to this crisis-to-crisis mode of governing? We must work in an open, honest, and urgent fashion to reduce federal spending before our irresponsible policies bankrupt the Treasury.”