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NBC's Chuck Todd: Woodward is Now the 'Spokesman for the Republicans'

The leftwing media’s knives are for Bob Woodward, and by leftwing, I mean the Media Matters-NBC nexus. Today, Chuck Todd went as far as to dub Bob Woodward the “spokesman for the Republicans” because he reported that Obama’s White House had suggested the sequester.

CHUCK TODD: Speaking of the blame game, another example of how the sequester fight has been reduced to rhetoric and posturing. The central argument over the weekend was over what a political reporter, The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, wrote on Friday night. Woodward, who wrote a book about the 2011 debt ceiling standoff, argued in an op-ed that the sequester was the White House’s idea…

So if you’re in charge of Speaker Boehner’s or Senator McConnell’s press shop, Woodward is a storyline you couldn’t of crafted better yourself right now. Republicans this weekend were almost giddy over the giant gift they were handed in Woodward…

Woodward became the spokesperson for the Republicans over the weekend. (Daily Rundown, February 25, 2013)

Amazing. I suppose the White House can’t be accused of “bullying” media figures who apparently enjoy getting roughed up a bit.