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Austin, TX Set to Move on Gun Control

According to an email from a local Second Amendment rights group, the Austin city council will vote tonight on sweeping gun control measures similar to those the Obama administration is pushing nationally.

The Austin City Council will support a “comprehensive approach’ to gun ownership.

Sound ominous? It should.

Tomorrow (February 28) Austin City Council will vote on a resolution to support President Obama’s “comprehensive approach” to gun control, which includes mandating magazine size limits, increasing the burden of background checks, restricts ownership of “military-style” guns and creates a thorough database for background checks.

There is also a suggestion that gun shows start requiring background checks.


The City Council Meeting begins at 10 a.m. at Austin City Hall

Gun control is Item 35 on today’s meeting agenda. The council is also considering a proposal to adopt the Obama administration’s version of “comprehensive” immigration reform, despite last week’s massive drug bust. Of the 19 arrested, 15 turned out to be in Texas illegally.