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Sequester Scare Theater-Even Some In The Press Aren't Buying It Anymore

The crumbling narrative

His strategy instead is to provoke citizens into demanding that tax hikes on the wealthy replace the scheduled spending cuts. His speeches give the impression of a man exaggerating his arguments for exaggerated effect: Removing a comparatively small $85 billion from the final seven months of a $3.6 trillion budget just isn’t the biggest danger our republic will confront in this or any decade. Managed well, any family, business or government should be able to cut its budget by 2.4 percent in difficult times.

Unless, that is, the head of the family, business or government wants to make that reduction look suicidal. It’s telling that, as congressional Republicans prepare to give the president flexibility to pick and choose which spending to cut, the White House wants no such authority. Having it would undermine the message that the sequester is a GOP-inspired assault on Americans, and would expose Obama to criticism if his agency heads make unpopular choices. As The New York Times reported Tuesday: “White House budget officials are leery. If Congress grants the White House the authority to protect air traffic controllers, Border Patrol agents and national parks, the administration’s carefully devised high-pressure campaign that has been mounted for weeks could deflate.”

Yes, the MSM is in love with Obama, but they’re more in love with themselves and will ultimately opt for self-preservation. Should the GOP surprise virtually everyone and not blink, they’ll have to spin for themselves for a while to make it seem as if they weren’t complicit in the president’s doomsday mongering.

And that will be kind of fun to watch.