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Lapdog Media Wag Tails In Overdrive To Defend Team Lightbringer Against Woodward

But there were marching orders, Bob.”

Speaking of kinds of madness, Woodward’s actual position here is insane. As Dave Weigel points out, “some budget document” is a law, passed by Congress and signed by the president. Woodward is saying, why won’t the president just ignore the law, because he is the commander in chief, and laws should not apply to him. That is a really interesting perspective, from a man who is famous for his reporting on the extralegal activities of a guy who is considered a very bad president!

It’s too rich that anyone in the leftmedia would be aghast at the notion of this president being involved in any sort of Executive overreach.

Woodward is being excoriated for not drooling in awe of President Obama’s Sequester Scare Theater performance. He’s also a real journalist, which makes the Obama whelps a bit incontinent. When Woodward mentioned that a high level administration official said he would “regret” not falling in line, the White House dispatched pack dog Ben Smith from BuzzFeed to “report” who it was and that it wasn’t really a threat.

Talking Points Memo immediately leg-humped the BuzzFeed story, dismissing Woodward as misinterpreting what was implied. Their evidence, an unnamed “White House official”.

And those who question anyone in this White House don’t get treats.