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Ashley Judd May Have Political Bug, But Her Voting Record Suggests Otherwise

Ashley Judd may be considering challenging incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky in 2014.  She’s been told by the Kentucky State Democrats to go away, but the speculation surrounding her candidacy hasn’t dissipated.  However, even if she does run, her record on voting in past elections casts a negative light on her character as an opportunist.  Who am I kidding? Of course, she’s an opportunist.

As Robert Costa at NRO wrote yesterday:

Here’s a rundown of Judd’s record from the county’s board of elections, which was obtained through a public-information request by National Review Online.

1996: Voted in the general election

1998: Did not vote

2000: Did not vote

2002: Did not vote

2004: Voted in the general election

2006: Did not vote

2008: Voted in the general election and primary

2010: Voted in the general election

2012: Voted in the general election

The Hollywood star’s complete Tennessee voting record is available here. In the document, only instances of Judd voting are listed. Missed elections are not noted, in accordance with county record-keeping.

Evelyn Watson, a local and nonpartisan election official, has confirmed the finding. Watson says Judd registered to vote in Williamson County in September 1996, after previously residing in southern California. She has not changed her Tennessee registration since that date.

Reasons for Judd’s long gaps between votes are unclear, and her publicist, Cara Tripicchio, was unavailable for comment. NRO, however, reached out multiple times on Monday to Tripicchio’s firm, WKT Public Relations, and spoke with an employee who said the publicist was aware of the story.

Ok, she’s a carpetbagger, but she’s only trailing McConnell by four points.