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Clinton's Republican Guard

Naturally, it was during Mullen’s tenure on the Joint Chiefs that the Defense Department labeled the Fort Hood atrocity “workplace violence,” filing a lengthy investigative report that – in Benghazi ARB fashion – omitted any mention of “Islam” and “jihad” in analyzing thirteen murders carried out by a jihadist who, after consulting with al Qaeda’s Awlaki, screamed “Allahu Akbar!” as he pumped round after round into American soldiers. It was also during Mullen’s stint that the Defense Department purged intelligence training materials of information Obama’s Brotherhood consultants found to be disparaging of Islam (i.e., any information demonstrating that Islamic supremacist ideology is virulently anti-Western and leads, inexorably, to violence). Herb London hits the nail on the head: under Mullen, in lieu of “battlefield action based on lethality,” the armed forces have convinced themselves that “pop-psychology” will quell the enemy.

Mullen’s crack analytical skills were on full display as he oversaw the U.S.-Pakistani military “alliance” – if that word can be used with a straight face. The Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) has notoriously used U.S. aid to arm jihadists. The ISI created and sustains the Taliban, and it uses the al Qaeda-affiliated Haqqani network in much the same way Iran uses Hezbollah: as a forward jihadist militia. Yet, as Diana West recounts, Mullen announced in 2009 that he had no intention of dwelling on the past since he was “here to write a history for the future” and “re-establish that trust” between nations.

Mullen’s fantasy was soon punctured. It turned out that Pakistan was harboring Osama bin Laden (who was shacked up for years in a compound virtually down the block from the national military academy). The ISI was also sharing U.S. technology with China, and enabling the Haqqani network as it attacked the American embassy in Kabul, among other U.S. interests. None of this would have been remotely surprising to anyone who has been paying attention for the last 30 years. But Mullen, as he rode off into the sunset of retirement, expressed shock at the ISI’s confederation with the anti-American jihad.

So to recap: with innate Muslim sympathies and under the counsel of Islamic supremacist advisors, Obama and Clinton direct a policy designed to empower Islamic supremacists whose ascendancy, inevitably, results in violent jihadist attacks against the West, including the strike against the U.S. compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. In desperation to cover their tracks after not only authoring this policy but denying security enhancements in the months prior to the siege, Obama, Clinton and their confederates concoct a fraud that – implausibly on its face – depicts the murderous attack as a protest that got out of hand over a video no one had seen. The farce allows them to rant indignantly about Islamophobia, catnip to their media allies. This is enough to cow Mitt Romney who, as a good establishment Republican, goes silent on Benghazi at the close of his inept presidential campaign – virtually endorsing Obama in the candidates’ final debate on foreign policy.

The jihadist slaughter of our ambassador and three other Americans is so grave, though, that the White House and its media cannot kill the story. As the drip, drip, drip of revelations illustrates administration malevolence and incompetence, Secretary Clinton seeks out Pickering and Mullen, two old reliable hands who, much like herself and her president, refuse to see any nexus between Muslim scripture and jihadist violence, support the policy of empowering Islamic supremacists, think the real security threat is Islamophobia, and have a history of overlooking inconvenient facts.

What a surprise that Pickering and Mullen should conduct an embarrassment of an investigation that fails to interview key witnesses (including, of course, Mrs. Clinton), and that fails to grapple with key events – like the infamous Susan Rice “talking points” that became increasingly fraudulent precisely because Clinton’s State Department kept pressing for more massaging of the facts.

What a surprise that, even as the predictably shoddy Pickering-Mullen report is now itself being investigated over its breathtaking omissions and spin, the Obama administration continues to tout it as “unimpeachable” bipartisan gospel.

It is a cynical strategy, but it’s been known to work.