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Erdogan Piles Up Those 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Now, Erdogan has seen racism and raised it to a crime against humanity, but we've thus far heard no Moynihan-like condemnation from the Obama administration.

Notwithstanding that the prime minister's claim to fame is imprisoning uncooperative journalists and political opponents on trumped up charges, President Obama has described Erdogan as one of his most "trusted friends" among world leaders. Although Erdogan is a top provider of material support to Hamas, a serious felony in the United States, Obama recently said of him: "The bottom line is that we find ourselves in frequent agreement upon a wide range of issues." And, indeed, it is Erdogan who has been prodding Obama to repeat the administration's Libya debacle by overtly supporting the Syrian "rebels" -- the jihadist-rife, Muslim Brotherhood-dominated opposition seeking to topple the Iran-backed regime of Bashar al-Assad. It appears Obama and his second-term foreign policy team are poised to give Erdogan his way.

Sigh. Maybe for just a few minutes, Obama could pretend that Erdogan was a Republican and that anti-Zionism was the sequester ...

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