'Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens'

Lord marshals the facts: we now know President Obama and his administration knew, in real time, while the Benghazi attack was happening on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities, that Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility for what was obviously a coordinated pre-planned attack. Indeed, I would add, we now finally know that the president told 60 Minutes, within hours of the attack, that the Benghazi operation was not like the protests in Egypt over the video, that it involved aggressors "who were looking to target Americans from the start." CBS disgracefully excised this statement from the televised edition of the interview, aiding and abetting day after day for five weeks the "blame the video" lie on which the administration had settled.

Lord then refocuses us on another fact -- one that the Obamedia, in characteristic suppression of any scent of their guy's background, has steadfastly avoided covering, but one that was unearthed by the invaluable Walid Shoebat: members of President Obama's Muslim family in Kenya are exploiting their newfound prominence and connections, particularly with the Saudis, to promote and fund sharia education.

In conjunction with the Saudis, the Obama family established the "Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation." The namesake is the president's grandmother. The foundation's ostensible purposes are education and the fights against AIDS and poverty. That's why, Lord observes, it gets "gobs of favorable publicity from groups as varied as the International Reporting Project (in which New York Times editor Jill Abramson plays a key role), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, Greenpeace, and even the Catholic Relief Services." Nevertheless, Obama's cousin Musa Ismail Obama gave an inconvenient interview to al-Jazeera, bragging -- as Walid Shoebat summarizes -- that: "The bulk of the Sarah Fund ... sends little to widows and orphans while the rest goes towards giving free scholarships to studying sharia at the most influential Wahhabist centers in Saudi Arabia." (Emphasis in original.)

As Lord observes:

Obama has never held a press conference to disavow Granny Sarah -- as he did with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Nor has he publicly asked her to stop using the president of the United States as fundraising bait to raise money for what is, in effect, the exact same objective as Ansar al-Sharia as expressed by Mohammad Ali al-Zahawi. That objective? Creating more Sharia fanatics whose sole belief is about imposing Sharia -- everywhere. For all we know some Granny Obama-funded Sharia-acolyte could one day well turn up in yet another attack on Americans just like the attack in Benghazi.