Journalists' Hatred for Trump Is Destroying Them

American journalists hate Donald Trump so much they have become exactly what he says they are: the purveyors of fake news.

Take for example the New York Timesa former newspaper. The Times used to pride itself on exposing and denigrating our military, intelligence and law enforcement services. The Pentagon Papers, Abu Ghraib, enhanced interrogation, search and seizure: the Times fought hard to thwart the work of our services when they were fighting against and spying on our enemies.

But now that it turns out the FBI and CIA leadership may have been subverting our political process to try to thwart Donald Trump, the Times has become a sort of megaphone for the excuses and spin of the Deep State wrong-doers.

On Thursday, with Devin Nunes relentlessly digging out the facts, and a reputedly damaging inspector general's report on the way, the Times attempted to help anonymous Fed sources spin, play down and obscure what is now obvious to any honest observer: the Obama administration abused its power for political purposes and nowhere so badly as in the DOJ's investigation of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

On what basis did the investigation begin? Well, back in January, desperate to puncture the right-wing narrative that the Russian collusion investigation was jump-started by the Steele Dossier (Hillary Clinton's unvetted oppo research), the Times declared that no, it was a drunken brag by minor Trump aide George Papadopoulos that put the Feds on Trump's trail. But now that the truth is seeping out, the Times quietly buries that assertion. In the new article's first line, we learn that the investigation was already underway when Papadopoulos's information came to the FBI's attention. So was it the Steele Dossier that started the hunt or not? They don't say.