It's a Gay Scandal Too

pope francis at vatican mass

The satanic corruption in the Catholic Church is an absolute disaster for Western Civilization: evil bringing scandal to an essential priesthood at a time when our survival depends on rediscovering God. I've addressed this elsewhere.

But it is also something else. It is a scandal of homosexual rape. The press is politely disguising this fact because they don't want to bring hatred down on innocent gay people. I also do not want to bring hatred down on gay people, but only the truth can set us free.

I have worked in the arts my whole life. There are a lot of gay people in the arts. I openly respected, liked and loved some of  these individuals even back in the days when that meant losing friends or being falsely suspected of being homosexual myself. When I became a Christian, my attitudes did not change. While I've spoken out forcefully against the persecution of Christians by fascistic gay activists, I cannot for the life of me understand why a man or woman's loving relationship with a member of the same sex should lessen my good feelings toward him or her.

But — as with the open secret abuse scandal that lurks just beneath the surface in Hollywood — most of the victims in the church are not children but under-age adolescent males. That is not pedophilia. That is homosexual rape. The New York Times, CBS and other news venues have tried to disguise this by citing as many examples of girls being abused as boys. But this is just the sort of dishonesty we've come to expect from our news media. It is a false kindness.

Covering up the homosexuality here does no more good than covering up the cancer of violence that is damaging Islam. In fact, it gives credence to haters. It allows the hateful and bigoted to appear to "discover" the "secret" that is being hidden by the "fake news" press. It allows them to be the first to interpret the data in the worst way. And just as bad, it leaves all the good, decent people with no way to speak out, no way to say, "This is not me! This is a problem in my community that I want to solve in tandem with the good people of other communities."