The Secret History: Obama Is a Nincompoop

But Obama doesn't know this. He doesn't know how things work. He doesn't know that when you pull lever A, the ball drops in slot B, because his ideology says otherwise and his ideology has worked for him even as it has failed the rest of us. Even his argument that the poor economy and the troubles in the Middle East preceded him is beside the point. His job was to make those problems better, not worse, and what a failure he has been.

It may be true, as many on the right contend, that Obama actually wanted a weaker America, a more modest America, an America straitened and humbled by its past mistakes. But he's not a cartoon villain. He thought that would make the world a better place — not a powder keg with an aimless economy. He was wrong in every respect, and he can't admit it and he can't change course.

That's the very definition of a nincompoop.

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