The Secret History: Obama Is a Nincompoop

Obama's not an idiot. He hasn't got a low IQ. He's just a fool. His ideas about the world are almost entirely wrong, and his ironclad narcissism keeps him from changing his mind. On top of that, his ideology has served him so well personally — raising him to the country's highest post on the shoulders of a deluded elite and an ignorant public — that he can never acknowledge that it is simply false.

A specific example. During his recent trip to Elkhart, Indiana, to take credit for a boom in RV sales he had nothing to do with, Obama was questioned by a steelworkers union man about the fact there are no jobs for his people. Obama filibustered — as always, the less he has to say, the more words he uses. But part of his response was this:

Part of the problems have had to do with jobs going overseas and this is one of the reasons why I've been trying to negotiate trade deals to raise wages and environmental standards in other countries so that they're not undercutting us.

Even an economic illiterate can see how ridiculous this is. Union wages and excessive environmental red tape are luxuries of a high-functioning economy. No developing country, trying to catch up, is going to sign onto them simply to level the playing field for us. The obvious answer is not to try to convince struggling economies to burden themselves with greater regulation, but to streamline our regulations to make us more innovative and productive. Instead, the Dodd-Frank law — sponsored by two of the men who helped sink the economy in the first place — is a monstrosity that essentially puts government regulators in boardrooms where they can shoot down ideas before they're even born. And, of course, ObamaCare has failed utterly and discourages business growth by trying to make a necessity of virtue.